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How do I set up the problem? Calculate the mass of water produced when 7.94 of butane reacts with excess oxygen

asked Feb 24 '12 at 14:04

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If 670g of oxygen gas is reacted with excess butane? how to calculate the mass of water produced with excess oxygen? What mass of water is produced by the reaction of? How many grams of water will be produced and 25 L of oxygen are burned in excess of butane? What mass of oxygen gas is produced by the reaction of? how to calculate excess of oxygen? what is the mass of oxygen formed in the reaction? how many grams are produced reacts with excess water? how many grams are produced when 88g of O2 are related with an excess of butane? If 454g of butane is reacted with excess oxygen? HOW MANY GRAMS OF WATER WILL BE FORMED TO REACT FULLY WITH 126? if 454g of butane react with excess oxygen how much CO2 is produced?

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