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hello. What does it mean marked 925 cna thailand? Thankyou. Milenko

asked Jun 07 '12 at 09:14

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925 is the international symbol for sterling silver. the number indicates purity, or enough silver content to be real silver. Thailand is the country of origin and cna is the hallmark of the company or individual who made the piece. it may even be the silversmith's initials. if you google this mark there are many pieces wiht it on it- I jsut bought a pair of earrings with the same mark.


answered Jan 08 '13 at 09:57

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what does 925 cna on a ring stand for? What is designer marked cna mean? what does 925 cna mean on a ring? what does 925 thailand mean on a bracelet? what does 925 cna mean in jewelry? what does rgc 10k gold stand for? what does 925 14k thailand mean on a ring is it valueable? what does 925 cna on a ring mean? what does 925cna stamped on bracelet mean? what does CNA on jewelry stand for? what does the rgc on my ring mean? Is it good when jewlery is marked CNA strerling? what does the cna stamp on jewelry mean? what does cna mean on a silver ring? Is 925 Thailand silver the same as Italy?

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