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This ring was passed down through my family. I do not know how old it is or if the diamond is real. but it does have the hallmark of an arrow going through a u with a 5 before it. I also have a similar ring with the same hallmark but a 6 instead of the 5.

asked May 08 '12 at 21:09

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what does it mean if you have an arrow as an earring? what does an arrow with a u on a ring mean? what does a ring with arrow trhu u? what does a u with an arrow through it and a 7 mean? dose a U with a arrow through it mean that the diamond is real? what is a ring w a letter u and arrow thru it with an 8? what does it mean a u with an arrow thru it mean on ring? i have an engagement ring with an U an arrow with a 8 what does it mean? what does a you with an arrow going through it mean on a ring? what does a U through an arrow on a diamond ring look like? i have a ring with a 6 and a arrow through a u? what does diamond ring with a U with arrow through it and number 7 mean? what does a diamond with an arrow through it mean? what does a 7 and an arrow on a diamond ring band mean? what does it mean a u with and arrow thru it mean on ring?

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