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When I squeeze my nose, white stuff comes out of my pores. what is that?

asked Apr 10 '12 at 15:14

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I went to school for esthiology. Almost everyone has this. Its sebum. I recommend getting a low grade benzoyl peroxide like they sell on www.acne.org. I believe its only 2.5% BP, so its enough to kill the acne bacteria, but it won't dry your skin, like the 10% stuff from the drugstore. The BP will oxygenate your pores (introduce oxygen molecules to the pore) and acne vulgaris cannot survive in an oxygenated environment, so the acne will subside. You will have to put this all over your face every single day, but it will work wonders.


answered Jun 26 '13 at 23:42

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what is solid white stuff that comes out of pores? what is the white stuff that comes from the nose when you squeeze it? what is that white crap that comes out of my nose when i squeeze it? when i squeeze my nose white stuff come out what is it? what is that cheesy stuff coming from my nose pores? i squeezed my nose and white stuff came out? what is that stuff that white comes out of your nose? what did I squeeze out of my nose? what is white stuff when you squeeze your nose? when you squeese your nose what is that white stuff that comes out? what is the white stuff that come out of my nose when i squeeze out? i squeeze my nose and stuff comes out? when i squeeze my pore something comes out what is it? what is stuff out of nose when u squeeze it? why my nose has so much white stuff when I squeeze it?

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Asked: Apr 10 '12 at 15:14

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